Freelance Freedom: Starting a Freelance Business, Succeeding at Self-Employment, and Happily Being Your Own Boss

Freelance Freedom, Edition 1.0, 2013, L.A. Mulnix, 124 pages

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Be Free of the Job Lifestyle!

Everyone pretty much accepts the job lifestyle. We grow up getting an education that is largely meant to make us employable. If we go to college, it's to become specialized and ready for a certain type of job.

We then spend the next 40 or so years getting a job, keeping a job, losing one job, and seeking another—all the while never questioning the need to live that way. That's life, we say.

The job lifestyle means that 40 or more hours out of nearly every week over those 40 years is spent at work—except for the three or so weeks each year we spend on vacation and holidays, when we do what we really want to do—if we're lucky.

We accept the job lifestyle as a fact of life and let those 40 years go by, never thinking that we have a choice. But there is a choice: We can be self-employed, and the easiest way to be self-employed is to freelance—to work alone from home providing a service.

Freelancing lets us be our own boss, working a schedule that works for us (and our clients), no longer dealing with office pettiness, and now seeing our creativity and hard work directly benefit us. Yes, we may work longer hours, but the more hours we work, the more money we make.

In Freelance Freedom, author Edward Adams lays out, in a concise and clear fashion, what you'll need to know to become a successful freelancer, including—

"If only I had this book when I was first starting out as a freelancer! Anyone who is considering freelance should buy this book immediately and memorize it. It's only 119 pages, but it is the bible of freelancing and covers absolutely everything one needs to know, including whether freelancing is really for you. ... What I have had to learn the hard way in my 40 years as a freelance writer and editor, Edward spells out clearly and concisely for the newbie."

—Lee Faber

"Edward Adams writes in 119 pages everything you need to know to start a successful freelance business. The book is complete and easy-to-read (i.e., well-written). I've read other books about freelancing, and they are less complete and are more than 100 pages longer than Freelance Freedom. This book won't make starting a freelance business easy, nor does Adams waste any words giving readers a pep rally. But, if you've decided you want to go freelance, this is the book that will tell you all you need to do to be successful at it."

—Elizabeth E. Fryer